The card of the month for February is from the Japaridze deck – a new surrealist deck that I am getting to like at the moment. The card is the Queen of Tides – this is the Queen of Cups in other decks. She is all about the mastery of emotion – being able to feel deeply and not be overwhelmed by it – also not holding anything back from oneself. So February is a month where emotional cleansing is possible – we have a chance to allow ourselves to fully feel our feelings without judging ourselves nor avoiding certain emotions in favour of others. This emotional clarity actually brings a great deal of peace – as we don’t struggle against ourselves so we hear our deepest response to the world and from this place can conscious choose how to respond to events rather than feel ‘taken over’ by them.

Queen of Tides

The card pictures a woman with a mask over her eyes seemingly creeping forward in an elegant and delicate way – there is a suggestion in this that it is not just what the eyes see that leads her forwards nor is she fully understood in her decisions, however she doesn’t have a need for others to appreciate or understand why she does what she does she simply needs to follow her own pathway forward. So in the same way this month do not look for others to agree with you that it is legitimate to feel as you do when you express yourself. Simply express yourself and move forward. You are not needing a particular response from others in order to let go, you feel your feelings and understand yourself. This, with giving people the information of how you feel where you feel it is appropriate, is all that is needed. You feel as you feel – there is no ‘right or wrong’ in how you feel – you simply feel. Acknoeldging this releases us from the turmoil we often create when we think only certain emotions ‘should be felt in certain situations. The allowing feelings to come up and then out is not an acting out, of anger for instance – but an acknowledgment in yourself of anger – expression in a safe way, and possible communication of that feeling to another from an adult and stable place. Once all this is done, regardless of whether others understand you, you can let go, as you have truely heard yourself.

With this happening, internal peacefulness is likely to be the overiding feeling for the month – emotions come up and out and are gone leaving no turmoil just peace. So this puts you in a great place to extend your love and compassion to others – when we have access to this inner peace there is room to stand with another compassionately and witness their journey, trusting they too can find their inner peace as they allow their feelings to flow through them also.

So this month you may find you are not only very supported yourself from unexpected places sometimes, but also that you are able to offer support more than usual too. You are empathic to others’ situations as you have been empathic and compassionate with yourself. You also find in this position your intuition is strengthened and you can feel exactly what is needed in any situation and you find yourself in exactly the right places at the right time.

It is a good month for being by water too – the sea, rivers and lakes all show you ways to accept yourself more fully as you watch their behiaviour and see their naturalness as also part of your own dynamic feeling nature.

Prize draw

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