In order to get the best out of your reading it is best to prepare yourself, think about what it is you wish to look at in your reading. When you arrive, phone or send out your request details for absent readings, it is useful to put out an intention that you will be open, and allow your energies to be received. If you have a spiritual practice or belief then a prayer or vibration rising activity may also help you connect with your reading, and help me to give you the information your soul seeks. Even if I am doing your reading at a later date to when you contact me you putting out this intention will help you get the best from your reading, time and distance are not a problem in the spiritual realms.

When I start a reading I will ask you whether you would like to focus on a particular area of your life, or have specific questions, it is helpful to give some indication here of your concerns as these will help me make the reading as focused as possible, and will help to ensure you cover the areas you want to through the reading. In some cases your session will consist of several readings each looking at an area of your choice

The time for the reading part is usually about 45 mins, (unless you have booked a quick look reading) though I am flexible on time and it can last up to an hour should there be a lot of information there for you. During the reading time we can look at one issue or several, depending on what you want from your reading, as well as how much comes through for you on the issues you bring. The information may come through one or several spreads of the cards. I usually put the recording file to MP3 download after your session and send you the link by email.

I find my clients are usually very happy with their readings and, though sometimes things come through that seem not to make sense at the time, very often they become clear after the passage of time and the energies start to manifest themselves in their lives.

I don’t tell people what they want to hear, but I will be honest about what I see. There is very little in our futures that is fixed in stone, though I do believe there are some events we have chosen pre-birth which would be hard to avoid creating as we have decided that these specific situations will be most useful for our soul growth. Any situation that I see that is challenging will come through with guidance for you to focus on, to help you get deal with it in the smoothest, most soul and life enriching way.

Many people gain guidance through my readings for life direction changes, times when they feel stuck in life, or when the challenges of life appear to overwhelm, for direction in personal or spiritual growth. Also people come for guidance in work, career and relationship issues. All these everyday situations and events show to us ways for our soul to grow and my guides work with you and me in a reading to enable you to grow and to walk into the pathway of joy in your life.

The energy in a reading is a form of healing energy which can be experienced at the time of your reading and each time you listen to the recording. Many have said they feel my voice and words carry this healing energy, and I know spirit works through me when I connect to my guides and as I read for you. Often people have found a cathartic shift when they have listened to their reading.

So if you need some clarity in your life, a direction or some guidance in your work, career, relationships or other life situation, if you feel drawn to me through my words here, or through your heart then please book a reading by following the instructions on the Booking your Reading