I have been using the tarot since 1987. I was introduced to the cards through a friend who used to use the tarot a lot and made major decisions based on the energies the tarot told her about. I was amazed that she put so much trust in something seemingly that ‘random’. I was open to the idea that the cards could provide some sort of clarification, but was also very sceptical that it could really be that accurate. She did readings for me and I became more and more interested, so I bought my own deck and decided to give it a go. My first results shocked me somewhat. The cards that were in the present and future for one reading would turn up again in the next reading in the past and present respectively. This happened a lot – and what are the chances of that, I wondered!

Over the next few years I tried a few different decks one of which was the Thoth deck. I used these cards, in particular, extensively for myself and those around me at the time. I found them an invaluable tool and came to trust them deeply. They guided me through my life, teaching me how to learn from life’s challenges and how to integrate and deal with my emotional responses.

As time went on my intuition developed, becoming stronger and clearer. I had also trained as a counsellor and found this training complimented the readings I did for people. Then I started to actively develop my psychic and clairvoyant side of readings through meditations, sitting circle, and slowly learning to let go and trust the thoughts and images I was getting. I found information came most easily through the feelings and emotions and then through thoughts, making me more of a clairsentient than clairvoyant initially.

As I reflected on my history during this process, I came to realise that I have known the higher reasons for things to happen many times in my life. I have understood interactions around me in ways others have not seen and I have tuned into others thoughts, feelings and desires throughout my life. I was discouraged to speak my truth and say the things I saw from a young age, so I learned to distrust all I ‘knew’ about the world in this way. Thankfully, the veil lifted and I found a great joy and freedom in being able to share the information that comes for those who ask for a reading.

I always ask that I be guided by the Higher Power – by whatever name They go by, to bring through truth, empowerment, healing, and help to all those who seek answers. I believe that tarot readings deliver a type of healing energy with them, helping people move forward in their lives. My home in Snowdonia serves as a cleansing and rejuvenating environment where I can keep my ‘ psychic antennae’ clear and free. The natural world – the enormity of the mountains and the power of the elements – keeps me grounded in my work.

I also offer guided visualisation MP3’s, as these were some of the visualisations I received from Spirit which helped me considerably on my journey. They brought me healing and developed my awareness and confidence in my psychic knowing. I found them both powerful and very supportive. I recommend that you try one if you are interested in developing your intuition and vision.

I hope I have answered some of your questions through this page. May you find what you are looking for in your life!