This SEEDS OF LIGHT guided meditation contains 2 healing and balancing visualisations, dealing with all areas of your life as served by your chakras.

On the first journey you travel through each chakra as a coloured garden, healing and cleansing as you go. You will connect with your higher-self, who will guide you. Through the use of this visualisation you will experience healing and over time increase your connection with your higher self and thus develop your intuitive abilities.

There is space on the second visualisation for you to focus in more detail on one chakra and how it relates to the others in your life. This is a more self directed journey where you are using your own intuitive vision to see where your journey is taking you rather than being guided all the way.

Both Journeys are around 25-30 mins long. A download link will be sent to you.


“I just wanted to write and thank you for the fantastic meditations I purchased a while ago.
Joy, UK