Garden Within Meditation

This SEEDS OF LIGHT guided meditation contains 2 visualisations to enable you to meet your higher-self and contact your inner wisdom. It is good for beginners in meditation as well as for the more experienced in Lightwork.

In the first you are guided into a beautiful garden and meet your higher self who then leads you on a journey – you have opportunities to ask questions of your higher self, and to clear relationship with someone. This visualisation is particularly good for insomnia sufferers as it allows sleep as well as the healing of issues that are around the insomnia. It is very relaxing and it is likely to help anyone who is under a lot of stress.

In the second journey you are guided into the garden and then allowed to follow your own intuitive journey for a while before being brought back into your current reality. This helps develop your intuitive vision further whilst still being held in time by the guiding voice at the end. You can also use this portion of the tape to just allow yourself to be held in ‘no thought’ by the music which acts as an aid to meditation in general as well as visualisation.

Both Journeys are around 25-30 mins long. A download link will be sent to you.


“This is the best meditation I have done – Im not even going to play my other ones now – and I paid a whole lot more for them too!
C.C. Warrington