This can be ordered through email or undertaken as part of personal or spiritual development sessions. Dreams can be approached in the same way as visualisations.

Dreams are a way that our unconscious talks to us in symbolic form of what is happening deep in our psyche. Though you may think you don’t dream or don’t dream often, we do all dream, We can prime ourselves to remember our dreams more by stating the intention before we sleep that we would like a dream. Then placing a pen and paper or some form of recording the dream next to our bed we can record the dream before fully waking up and whilst retaining it.

Even if you only remember a small portion of the dream, or its feeling then it is worth recording it as it sets the intention to recall dreams even more strongly and within a few days you will be remembering much more of the dream story.

When you write your dream down it can be good to speak in the present. Also write about the events, people, objects in the dream. Describe what is happening and how you are feeling. Also if you can remember what happened just before.

If you have a dream you would like to interpret then start by identifying the different sections and characters or significant objects in the dream. Then ask yourself of each:

What do I associate with this object or character or scene?

What events or situations or relationships does it remind me of?

What is the main theme of the dream overall?

What feelings do I have about or from this dream?

These questions may enable you to have a start on what the dream is showing you or trying to tell you. Our own personal associations with the dream images are more accurate than standard meanings though sometimes both personal and traditional meanings are accurate in a dream concurrently – so we can gain a number of different interpretations of one dream sometimes that interact and give a rich piece of guidance.

Often dreams work alongside visualisations in their providing of information from deep inner knowing.   Signposts from our deep unconscious showing us our true feelings and guiding us in how to approach the situations in our lives.

Working with another person who understands symbolism also can enable you to reach deeper meanings than if you work alone – though we can gain a lot from our own associations we sometimes hide from ourselves the deeper messages as they are accessing the unconscious. This is where our work together can help the connection with your deepest self and your own pathway to healing and joy in your life.

If you would like me to work with you with your dreams I can do so by email or you may also consider working with me over the phone/Zoom in a full development session (50 mins) or series of development sessions where we can use dream work as the main tool to use to help you find more of who you are and become more integrated and joyful in your life.

Dream Interpretation