Benefits of Guided Visualisations

These journeys are meditation in that your awareness is being focused on a specific journey rather than scattered around the variety of day to day activities, thoughts and feelings that we usually carry with us. As you use these visualisations and practise more, you will find you can calm inner chatter at will during the day and are more easily able to allow your own intuitive images to arise when necessary.

Intuition development

As you become accustomed to visualising then your own images will arise when you take these journeys, as this happens more and more you will find you notice your intuitive perceptions of your life and surrounding more during normal waking time. Again with increased awareness of your perceptions you can then choose to follow your intuition more often.


All the journeys use the visualisation of Light as their starting point. This Light is healing light and visualising yourself within it is healing in itself. When coupled with the stress reduction and increased awareness gained from looking within, the healing is even more beneficial. We have had reports from several people suffering in pain as part of cancer that these tapes were the only thing that brought comfort towards the end of their days.

“I have been struggling with many physical ailments that are of an autoimmune nature and after many treatments (including conventional and alternative), I came to the conclusion that my deep-seated guilt and anger towards myself was manifesting itself as an attack against myself at a cellular level. The guided and unguided meditations with my ‘higher self’ have been remarkable- for once I feel I am able to let go of the guilt and I truly believe that I will be healed- this has resulted in amazing healing at the physical level…Thank you.”

Puja, UK

Self awareness and Self development

The messages that are gained from these journeys often lead to more awareness of how we are in the present. Also many of the images received can be interpreted symbolically, in a similar way to dreams. The self knowledge gained in this way this may in turn lead us to make decisions about how we want to develop in the future. All growth starts from an awareness of the current situation.

Stress reduction and relaxation

These visualisations are all extremely good relaxation tools. Often listening to one of these recordings during the day can revitalise you even if you are very short of ‘proper’ rest or sleep. Stress is reduced and often your focus becomes clearer.


They have been very useful to people with insomnia helping them both in returning back to sleep at the beginning of the night or after a waking, and in reducing the number of wakings in a night.

“Please thank David (composer) personally for the recording. It is one of the most beautiful meditation recordings we have. He has great talent and is obviously a gifted person.

S & J Isle of Wight

Receiving your Download

When you have paid for your download you will be sent an email within the next 24 hours (usually) with the download location of your visualisations. You will download a .zip file which will contain the side a visualisation and the side b self directed visualisation. Also a free eBooklet in .pdf format and a CD cover image. To unzip it you will need the winzip program which you can download from  if you don’t already have it.

Channelled and delivered by Emma Sunerton-Burl and Tina Ford

Music composed and produced by Dave Sunerton-Burl

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