• Do you feel stressed and unable to break the cycle?
  • Have you seen the doctor for one or more complaints and been told it is all stress related?
  • Do you find yourself feeling panic about things you logically think you should be fine about?
  • Do you have irrational fears?
  • Do you find when you are alone things feel worse?
  • Do you find it hard to get to sleep or to stay asleep?
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<p>If you answer yes to one or more of these questions then these approaches can help you. If you make time to look at your stress situation</p>

<li>the things that trigger it</li>

<li>techniques to overcome stress</li>

<li>techniques to deal with panic</li>

<li>strategies for longer term life changes</li>

<p>then you can bring more peace and calmness, into your life and feel more relaxed happy and centered in yourself.</p>

<p>In a session we will spend some time looking at your current stress levels and the things that go to make up that stress. Together with you we devise a plan to help reduce stress in your life. Then I present a number of ways of dealing with stress at the times it is worst. The techniques I will present to you will vary from visualisation techniques, meditation techniques, self talk and inner reprogramming, affirmations, self-healing techniques as well as tried and tested psychological techniques from various counselling approaches to help you manage the emotional side of your stress and its triggers.</p>

<p>I support you using tools from coaching, counselling and psychotherapy, as well as spiritual practices. You can put into practice the techniques we work with – finding the ones that suit you personally the most. I also use my intuitive abilities to help you as is appropriate. In most sessions you will come away with a MP3 of a technique to help you in the following week.</p>

<p>I can offer this stress management service to you on the phone, over Skype or Zoom with or without video. I work on a 4-6 week basis where you will have between 4 and 6 weeks working with me and then a gap for 2 weeks after which you can continue for another 4-6 weeks as you feel is necessary. This is to enable you to gauge how you are doing yourself and to encourage independence of the process as we proceed. Many people only require the first set of weeks, their stress has reduced considerably, whereas others prefer ongoing support over a period of time to make major changes in their life, helps you change stressful lifestyles with the support of the sessions and techniques each week. </p>

<p>Ongoing support can become psychotherapy and will then come under my Blue Heron Psychotherapy practice and work at a deeper level. This may not be available in some areas of the world outside the UK, please enquire whether it will be possible for you. This deeper work also helps reduce stress when from an early source, clears emotional issues and trauma underlying present day stresses.</p>

<p>What you can expect if you do your homework:-</p>

<li>Reduced stress</li>

<li>Improvement or healing of stress related symptoms</li>

<li>Feeling more peaceful</li>

<li>Feeling in control of your life.</li>

<li>Ability to feel in charge of stressful situations.</li>

<li>Less or no panic</li>

<li>Increased sense of who you are and where you are going</li>

<li>Understanding of what needs to change in your life and support to make these changes if you choose</li>

<p><a href=Email me to book a telephone, Skype, Zoom appointment. If you call then usually you will need to leave a message.

Sessions cost £50 for a daytime appointment of 50 min. Sessions can be recorded if desired.

All sessions are fully confidential.

Personal and Spiritual Development including dreamwork and stress management