I intended this month’s card would have messages for everyone who comes to read this blog or email. I was drawn to use the Hudes deck this month for the reading for you.

This month we have the Tower. Many people fear this card as it often talks of sudden change that we are unable to do much about – so it seems. However this card is a card of great breakthrough and healing. Though a change may come suddenly it is for the best in spiritual terms. This change leads us onwards to a more joyful path one that is more suited to our true nature – it challenges us to see the ‘gold’ in any situation that lies before us, and to learn all we can.


On the card we see flames burning and the top of the tower being struck by lightning, opening to reveal the burning fire within. It really feels on this card, that it is the passion from within us that is being set free from a prison but this sudden event – this flash of light out of the blue illuminating how we keep ourselves prisoner and also how we can be released if we just trust and let go of the old ways. healing ourselves and bringing more peace and joy into our lives.

The two people are flung from the town and though they have no control over this you can see they will be caught by the trees growing either side of the tower. So too when we meet sudden change this month remember we will be protected if we let go and trust. know that your true passion is being released from a self made prison, and that inspiration comes out of the blue to show us how we need to change our lives. When we let go we will be caught but something in our lives that has been growing a while, slowly in its own way, and that this will help us be more grounded and connected to the Earth, practical in our plans and actions.

I get the sense that once you have realised the changes that need to take place this month and do them swiftly you will find yourself more peaceful, more grounded, and what you build next in your life will be built organically; listening to your own intuition and inner desires rather than building it out of following the ‘normal course of things’ and ‘what is expected’ by others. Your new life will be more creative and individual, more in line with your truth rather than in line with external norms and expectations. With this more hapiness and joy is found in every moment.

So use this month to have a think about what is restricting you in your life and aim to change this – or allow it to change as it seems to of its own accord. As you do this see the blessing in every situation that occurs and look for the gold – there will be a great deal.  As you come to earth move slowly, listening to your deeper self for guidance every step of the way, it will not let you down. Know that what you have lost was build on unstable foundations and now you have a chance to really put roots down where they will nourish and fulfil you rather than wobble when you start to come into your true magnificence.

It may be you see relationships changing as you outgrow a way of being and change the people you have been around no longer fit with your energy. As you let go, know  you will find others who will continue to help you grow nearer and nearer to your potential. What is pruned in certain areas allows other areas to flourish, some friendships deepening and others being released.

Inner healing is taking place this month as those thoughts and beliefs that you have held as true come into question and you can let go of the ones that do not serve you. It is a good month to meditate on the soul and spirit of yourself – that which is eternal and never changing, as you rest your security with this so you can allow externally imposed changes to flow by you and through  you, knowing nothing can actually rock your security or touch you as there is only the spirit of you in truth all else is an illusion to use as part of your eternal growth. It is also a good time to allow feelings to come up and flow through you – as you face the feelings you would rather not have, so you keep yourself cleansed and in the moment; joy comes more quickly and healing is speedy.

May you have a transformative month and have the courage to let go of what is no longer needed knowing you never loose anything of true value.

I welcome any comments you may have on this card for you.. you can email me or respond on the blog post (where you can also view the card image)

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