This month I have picked a card intending its message will have something in for everyone who reads this – I have explored the meaning of the card and done a quick journey within it to gather more information for your interest.

This month’s card comes from the Llewellyn deck, which is a deck created in the style of Rider Waite Smith decks and takes it’s imagery from  welsh mythology and landscape. The pictures are beautifully painted in loose watercolour.

7 of wands – from Llewellyn deck

As I look at the card I am struck by the vibrance and passion in the card – depicted by the orange colouring and also the power behind the water he is standing in – it gives a feeling that this man must be very strong and stable to withstand the forces coming from behind on his legs.

I see this meaning you are in a situation that both required both the strength to stand your ground as well as the information that any challenges you face are not beyond your capacity to deal with them effectively. He appears to be fighting off someone or something to the front of him too but also has the higher ground and so is able to do this.

I go into the card breifly and ask him for his guidance right now – he says:

I am strong here I will not let these disturbing forces pass me – I allow the water to flow through my legs as it aids my ability to withstand the threats in front of me. I allow my emotions to inform me and my actions yet I do not let them throw me off balance. I allow them to flow through me as an aid to the truth. I see these threats also as potential opportunities – each one shows the possibility of growth in some way. It may be my strengths and abilities that are growing – it may be that an opportunity comes out of having the strength to be brave. I know my place needs to be here right now dealing with what is in front of me. I know too when the time is right I can step out of this situation and move forward again having gained the most from the battle. I fight the good fight and honour my personal viewpoint even if others disagree. Where they are standing things are very different from where I am standing – I have an overview they can not see as they struggle uphill to meet me. Once they turn around they would be able to see – but everyone has free will and it might be part of their process to continue to face uphill and be strengthened by the conflicts we share together, battling for our own ground. I have no judgement against these forces merely know I need to be true to myself.

If you have this card then I am you and your situation needs your strength and courage. You will gain much from facing your difficulties head on. From this engagment wiuth what is and the honouring of your own truth and perspective you will find opportunities will come to you that will enhance your journey forward.

Thank you – you have a powerful message here.

I look to the rocks and they say they are the strength and timelessness of the age, the water says it is the flow and movement of the age – together we are yin and yang in harmony, a balanced energy of understanding and taking action, being still and going with the flow. It is the background of inner balance that the struggle and conflicts take place within. A new balance and a new acceptance comes from embracing what is, and understanding what will remain and what can change.

Have a think about your situation – what are your current challenges? Are you willing to stand your ground and honour your own truth? Can you drop your judgement of your adversaries whilst still maintaining your discernment of what is right for you? Know you can fight the good fight and it will be worthwhile in the long run. Engage your passion and your full self and stand strong.

I welcome any comments you may have on this card for you.. and i send you blessings for the month ahead.

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