This months card comes from the Mary El deck a beautifully painted deck in oil paint. We see here depicted the balance of everything – our inner animalistic nature and our high spiritual nature, the masculine and the feminine, the dark and the light. When we are balanced like this then we are open to all people, we love all of ourselves and so can be open and compassionate with others even if they are seemingly different from us as we recognise that we all have every potential within us.

9 disks

What this means for the month ahead is that we are likely to find ourselves connecting with others very easily – through work or daily activity. We might find much of our time is spent on collective creative projects where we have our own unique part to play, and together with others we create something that is more than simply the sum of the parts. Our professional lives are productive and consequently financially rewarding. Things move forward as we see our place in the world and start to understand that what we have to offer is valuable. This card often indicates increased prosperity particularly where we are working together with others as a team or are working in service for others benefit.

It is a down to earth and practical card so focusing on the practical aspects of all you do and also how you communicate with others will serve you well this month. There is no need to fear anything this month as your ideas and thoughts are generally well received and those that aren’t are rejected for purely pragmatic reasons and have not been cast away for any personal reason. If you remember to surrender to the productivity of the whole this month then it will help you stay grounded, out of ego and detached from taking events personally – paradoxically you will find you thrive this month.

Enjoy the camaraderie with your colleagues and acquaintances and allow yourself to be open to see the good in all you come across. No judgement of others is needed though you may discern who to spend the most time with and how to place yourself the in the community around you. There is a strong feeling of respect for one another this month and this is enriching and wholesome for all. Difficulties are overcome and solutions found to even the most entrenched issues.

In your inner world you are finding self acceptance and if you feel out of balance look to the shadow part of yourself and listen to its voice – though you may not agree with what it is saying it needs your love and attention to be accepted as part of you even if it is not running the show Acceptance settles it down and you find it easier to communicate and connect with people in your outer world as a consequence. You no longer feel the need to defend yourself, but can simply trust your own spontaneity and authenticity to hold you stable and honourable as you move through life.


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