Card for April

I intended this months card would have messages for everyone who comes to read this blog or email. I decided to use the Sacred Circle deck again this month for the reading for you.

8 Disks – Skill

This card shows 2 rows of 4 disks each showing a labyrinth except the last one, the background is of a wild high moorland with valley and hills in the background.

8 Disks Sacred Circle deck by Anna Franklin
8 Disks Sacred Circle deck by Anna Franklin

This month I feel it is about continuing with a project started a long while ago. Trust in the skills you have gained through your practice over the years and know that you are successful because of all the study and experience you have had. This can be in a work environment as well as in the home. Our experiences give us perspective and understanding of the whole picture. We understand ‘how the land lies’ and can respond to situations appropriately.

Its not time for dramatic innovative new beginnings but of capitalising on the things we have started and developed over the years. What is it you have been gathering over the last 5 years? 10 years? How can you continue to use these experiences to make your current life more stable and enjoyable?

Being a disks card I have a sense of great security here and financial investments continue to grow – perhaps slowly – but in the right direction. You can keep building on what you have.

The sky tells me that any troubles are now moving away from your situation and a clarity is coming into your life and perception. You have gained strength and ability through being persistent and determined and this is paying off – there is still some work to be done – but continue in the way you have been going and success is assured.

The labyrinth on each disk tells me you are used to the natural fluctuations of life and do not allow the highs and lows of day to day living to threaten your sense of security nor to distract you from the larger picture and plans you have. You are well used to the changes and have faith and confidence that the difficulties on a day to day basis soon give way to successes. This knowledge keeps you going and possibly shows the world around you your full skilful ability. Others recognise what it takes to be able to do what you do and reward you well.

I have the image of someone trying to do what looks effortless thinking ‘I can do that, anyone can do that’ and once they try they very quickly find out that the effortless ease you appear to achieve things with has actually come out of many years of inner and outer work, skill developed through challenges overcome. Very quickly those who doubt your ability turn round to recognise your efforts as they try your path on for themselves.

Affirmation for the month:  I trust my experience and skill in all areas of life.

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  1. I definitely resonate with getting on with things we’ve already started, and hope that troubles really are moving away. Another beautiful, empowering reading, Emma 🙂


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