This month’s card is the World from the Radiant Rider Waite deck. It talks to us of the successful ending of a whole period of life, one in which much transformation has occurred. We have been through the ups and downs and grown a lot as a person through it. Now in October we see the rewards of our efforts. Things flow smoothly and we can metaphorically dance freely with all that happens. We feel, and are, protected on all sides. This comes about from our trust in our ability to handle whatever life throws at us and so we can stop worrying and second guessing what will happen and simply be in the moment enjoying what life has to offer to the full.

The World

On a more mundane level, success is ours this month and all the hard work we have put into projects that are close to our heart pays off. We are successful and recognised for our efforts. What we produce is worthwhile for others and we find our place in the world, our contribution to the greater good is noticed.

Endings that occur this month happen in the right time and have a feeling of peacefulness about them. It is what was mean to happen and any sadness flows through us easily. Endings of things such as a long period of study or apprenticeship are also likely this month, and any ending that happens we are likely to have seen it coming and are well prepared.

Embrace the energy of this month and allow yourself to celebrate, to do what you feel like doing and to trust your judgement in important decisions. You have experience and knowledge behind you which informs your decisions. You are able to see any pitfalls easily and need not spend huge amounts of time in analysis nor in delaying anything to get more information. You have a balance of determination, courage, far-sighted-ness and also humanity in you and with these in equal proportion you can trust you know what to do and can act without hesitation.

Enjoy the month ahead it has a lot to offer, and remember anything you appear to lose is simply making way for your new life to start that will be more positive than ever before with less need to go through the trials and tribulations you have experienced previously. You have conquered a good deal over a long period of time and those lessons won’t need to be re-visited.

Prize draw

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