Telephone Reading: I am delighted to be able to give Emma a review. I have started several times in my mind trying to find the right way to convey in a few moments the true depth of compassion, understanding, and inspiration Emma gives; she really is a blessing. I have had several readings from Emma over a few years, and looking back as I did recently, Emma’s readings were true and sharp. I know Emma will laugh when I say this, but I have been a poor student, the learning’s and my highest path were there for me, conveyed by Emma in her clear, relaxed and engaging style, but confess nearly always managed to tango off in some other direction :-). Emma has not just offered her blessings in her readings, moreover in so doing also inspires, mentored and life coached with her gentle nudges when I needed them, a true heart felt friend we all need. Emma not only gives inspired readings, it’s also a thoroughly enjoyable experience too! I know I will be back soon. Thank you.