This months reading comes from the Mary El deck and we have the King of Pentacles. A image that is graphically representing our wild natures, our creative potentials and the idea that we can gather knowledge from working with the land.

King of Disks

There is a figure of pan on the card looking comfortable and nourished, a feeling of plenty and lushness. Also a sense of truly being king of the material world. Comfortable in it and with it.

So this month sees us as getting comfortable with our physical natures, our bodies, exercise, physical pleasure and material things. We may find this month being one of abundance, we seem to attract what we need in any situation without greed or clinging, it is just there is we trust and allow. We may also be working hard, from our hearts and from the desire to create and make things come into being in the physical world particularly those things that are of practical use, rather than for simply creativity in itself.

We have the opportunity to harness our wild animalistic nature into the service of the greater good of whole – we have fully let go of our self judgement of last month and come into acceptance of all sides of ourselves. Then even our shadow can be used for highest good of all. As we acknowledge our truth we invite all others to acknowledge their too and prevent acting out towards each other for our own avoidance of who we are.

The apple reminds me of both our health through eating well (an apple a day keeps the doctor away) as well as the idea that we might need to risk approaching our temptations to see what gold they also bring with them – how do our temptations try and nourish us? Is this the way to really get ourselves fed or is there alternative ways? As we allow ourselves to learn by our experience so we learn fully at a deep level and truly can make choices in our lives being self responsible rather than acting out of a second hand ‘should’ we may not even understand or believe in.

The king of disks brings good energy for business prosperity and also a healthy work life where we are able to make steady progress. There is no rush and stress involved – simply careful well thought out and executed plans that are benevolent for all involved. New projects are carefully considered and taken only when full exploration has been undertaken.

This month we think things through carefully and move slowly forward with sensible caution, but without fear. It is not fear that makes us slow down, but a balance and inner peace of knowing there is always more work to do and so there is no need to rush to finish something, it is better to pace oneself and go steady to have the endurance to fully participate in the whole journey.

Spend some time in nature if you can this month, to listen to the earth for her messages and how she may help you to become more grounded and abundant in a wholesome way. exercising outside is particularly beneficial at this time as your body attunes to the earthiness of the material world.

Have a wonderful month!

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