I intended this months cards would have messages for everyone who comes to read this blog or email.I was drawn to use the Individuum deck this month for the reading for you.

10 of teeth
10 of teeth

This months card is the 10 of teeth. Teeth are seen as the magic of enlightenment and are equivalent to wands in other decks. Pictured here we can see someone struggling under the strain of weight – yet it seems like an unseen loadHe does seem balanced as well as barely able to stand up./ We can see the message here for the month ahead as it being a time when our strength is tested and in doing so we are made stronger. The load may be unseen in that it is a kind of ongoing stress that has worn us down over a long period of time – the individual things may not be completely apparent, but overall we are worn out and possibly need to take some form of action to release this load. He looks outward as if trying to say something to someone – perhaps you will find you need to ask for help, that you are carrying too much through your own previous enthusiasm, or through others handing you work and responsibility without you fully realising what you were taking on.

The card doesn’t indicate that we can’t cope merely that we need to look for ways t change the situation – as a 10 card it does speak of an ending to things of this nature – however it challenges us to first become aware (enlightened) as to how we got into this situation and then to take action to remedy it.

It may be that you are actually physically trying to strengthen yourself, but that somehow you have taken on too much of an ambitious progression and for some of this month at least you need to hold back and make sure you rest to regain your balance and allow the strengthening process to have the space to occur. In a similar, symbolic, way you may find you need to take a few days off work to recuperate your energy and give yourself the space to plan you strategy to deal with the stresses you are under. As you take this space, ask for what you need and ask for help so you release yourself from this card and take its blessing of increased strength and enlightenment of how we overload ourselves. With this knowledge we canthen create more balanced lives for ourselves and honour our own needs more rather than subduing them by others needs or our perception of others’ needs.

Teeth are shown when we ‘grit our teeth and get on with it – giving us short term immediate strength to continue – they are also shown when we are angry and need to set a limit or boundary with someone. Allow your teeth to be shown this month – perhaps you will know it is only for a short time then you will be through it – then go ahead and know you can handle it – perhaps it will be that you need to show your assertiveness with someone – show your teeth – so they know they can not just extect more and more from you and that you have a boundary of how much energy you have to give  them in a particular situation. Either way assertive action brings good rewards.

Blessings to you all.

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