This month’s card is the Emperor from the Darkana deck. The emperor shows us how to take our own personal authority in life, how to take charge of our direction, make clear decisions and also once we are able to know our own inner authority – how to guide and lead others appropriately.


So this month finds us feeling more in charge of things, we are asked to take responsibility in some way. In our work situations we may need to be leading others forward, we need to remember to use our power compassionately whilst also setting appropriate boundaries and being assertive and standing up for our view point where necessary. We have the opportunity to make a big difference to the whole if we embrace our leadership potential.

Boundaries are also a theme along with protection. We need to say no to some situations, people and things and yes to others. Making these sorts of decisions comes more easily this month as we are in touch with our own personal power more strongly than we have been for a while. Trust yourself and how you see a situation and don’t be fearful for taking the lead or making the first move.

You may also feel drawn to protecting those you care for – it may be protection in a financial way or in a practical ‘roof over your head’ sort of way, know that you can help others by your direct action this month. You have the power and the authority to make a difference, so obey the inner intuitive feelings and act on them in an assertive and confident way.

Confidence is also higher this month than it has been for a while and you are no longer looking to others for validation but are able to stand on your own two feet, happy in your own skin being all of who you are. Put those held off plans into action and things go well. trust also when difficulties or obstacles arise that you will know what to do and may even be the person leading the way out of them.

On an inner level as you work to uncover your true power you may come up against issues around your early relationship with your father, and male role models in your life. Allow yourself to explore these early relationships and understand what you have taken on from this person or people into  yourself. Then ask whether it still serves you now. Many things we learn when we are young are completely appropriate and necessary at the time in the environment we are in, but then as years go past we find ourselves living to the same rules and yet the circumstances we are in are very different. This month is a good time to reflect on what you wish to keep from the past and what ideas are no longer relevant for you. As you do this you walk more and more in your own personal power and find your life opens up – feels less restrictive and any long held anger is released and healed.

In terms of relationships we find our relationships with men take the foreground, through these relationships the inner work above can be mirrored to us and we start to see ourselves more clearly. As we release historical patterns of relating to men we start to see the men in our lives now as they truly are. This often brings with it positive surprises and relationships with men can be enhanced and deepened. As we find a deeper connection with the male within (whether we are male or female) then so we deepen connection with the males externally in our lives.

So be bold this month take your life into your own hands and step forward, bravely and with trust in yourself and confidence in your spirit. You will lead others as you life actively from your own center.

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