This months card is 10 cups from the Mary El deck. This is generally a positive card, it is at the end of the suit of cups so there is also a sense that things are both satisfying and also can not be taken any further in their current from. The message for this January as we head into a year of the Sun and self-esteem, self-confidence and connection with others from this place – we need to start the year contemplating the idea that we have everything we need. We have it all within us and need not have anyone else to make us feel full and satisfied with life.

10 cups from the Mary El tarot deck

It is not so much about resigning to being alone as it is realising we can love ourselves and share that with others – we have plenty for both our own needs and also to spill over into loving and helping others. The awareness of our own fullness removes our fear of giving or of loving openly and freely.

If things are very much less than perfect right now – this month sets a change in fortunes coming about, by beginning with gratitude and appreciation. As we look at what is working in our lives, in ourselves, in work, in friendships, in family, so we help this grow and spread into other areas of our lives. We accept some areas are actually great as they are and that actually to loose what we have here would be painful – so we stay in the present living ‘with death on our shoulder’ – Ie appreciation by recognising loss happens in life and how great it is we haven;t lost x, y or z at this time. This is not to live constantly worrying about what could be taken from us – the reverse happens when we accept loss does happen we can appreciate what is in the now all the more fully. The smile from a neighbour, the laugh of a child, the roof over our head, if we have one. All these things can inspire and provoke gratitude and enable us to shift from feeling despondent and helpless, to feeling powerful and full of love. This in turns helps us be open to solutions for problems and situations we would like to change in some way.

This is the month to really love our lives in any way we can, not to deny the difficulties, but to recognise our strengths.¬† It is also a month about connection with others freely and without expectation or manipulation. We are full in ourselves and centred and feeling this way it is easier to relate to those around us as difference doesn’t provide a threat. Don’t try and change people but accept people as they are, and accept yourself as you are. We can experience love through our ordinary, everyday connections with other people.

Close relationships improve as we value ourselves, we see what we have with new eyes and barriers are broken down from our own side first, partners respond as they consciously or unconsciously respond to the lack of drive to make them change. Harmony and love grows and heals old wounds.

Have a wonderful January filled with joy and fullness, savour every minute, it is setting up a year of increased love and harmony in all areas of your life.


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