I visited Emma for a reading back in January 2014 and always meant to send my feedback but only just getting around to it as life been so hectic. I listened to my CD reading as soon as it arrived in January and found it so interesting to listen to. Many things that Emma picked up on at that time made sense but I must say that I sat down today and listened again in April 2014. The reading meant more to me today because of what has happened in my life since January both work and personal. Emma was spot on about my work situation and I took on board her comments back in January about me not trying to be in control all the time and just to let things pan out themselves. I understand now that this was the right thing for me to do and work issues are turning out very well for me. Personal relationship discussed has hit a blip and I do believe will not feature in my future and Emma’s advice in January about me ‘not giving until I have nothing left to give’ and that ‘I am enough as I am’, has stood me in good stead to get through this disappointing and difficult time. I would like to visit Emma again sometime in the future as I found my reading extremely accurate and helpful to me. Many thanks Emma.