I have only had one reading with you, several years ago now, and it was amazing. You told me that it was ok to let go of what I was holding on to, that the devastation that I feared would not come to pass. You told me that I would meet a man who “carried the sun in his hand” or something close to that and that phrase has stuck with me all these years. I always think of you when appreciating having met my husband (which is actually pretty often. He’s amazing.). He is exactly as you described him – he is the perfect counterbalance to me. We now have 2 adorable daughters and my cup runneth over. I’m not sure how much feedback you get from the people who reach out to you, but I wanted to give you mine. Thank you for the love and tenderness you put out there. Your words helped give me hope in a very dark time and saw me through the even darker moments immediately after. I’ve recommended you to anyone seeking this kind of guidance.