This SEEDS OF LIGHT guided meditation contains 2 healing journeys, looking at your connection to your own sexuality and sexualness.

The first, full guided visualisation, is a journey to meet your sexual higher-self and together you are led through the orange grove. The journey is safe and healing, there is space for you to explore your own sexual-ness, sexuality and the connection to spirituality. It is useful for healing any guilt around sexual-ness, and for healing negative self perception in the sexual area of life. It is also a good healing tool for survivors of child sexual abuse in conjunction with a recognised therapy.

In the second you are guided into the Light and then allowed to follow your own intuitive journey for a while before being led back down into waking reality. This helps develop your intuitive vision further whilst still being held in time by the tape.

Both Journeys are around 25-30 mins long. A download link will be sent to you.


“The soothing voice and music contained on this recording took me on a wonderful visual journey which I did not want to come back from. Afterwards I felt at peace and happy to recomend it to anyone as feel they will also benefit. Thank you Emma for making this wonderful meditation.”
– Andrew, UK