This logo was designed by Delora at Fractally Yours. I find it brings lots of symbolism and meaning to me as I look at it and here I am sharing with you just what that symbolism and meaning is. You may have your own thoughts and I welcome hearing from you – just email me

The first thing I notice is the twin dragons back to back. Dragons are symbols of the connection between Earth and Spirit and the work I am doing here is all about this connection bringing spiritual guidance, healing and values down into the physical plane to help us move through this lifetime The next thing is the heart centred between the two. This is how this information is coming from a loving source and its purpose is to bring more love into our lives. Light of the heart being the healing that comes with opening from our hearts. The twins element is symbolic of the polarity we experience here on Earth, on this physical plane; and that to achieve balance and healing we get in touch with all the opposite qualities of ourselves, I feel this brings inner and out peace and balance. We stop projecting our disowned halves onto those around us, to those in media, or those in other cultures. As we own each aspect of ourselves and love it we find that compassion and tolerance of others actions and beiefs increases and our own lives become free from conflict. Twins symbolise the duality, and in this logo, the coming together of each opposing point of view to form one beautiful and clear image that holds each side as important in the overall picture.

Twin Dragons

The colours of the shapes within the heart seem brighter and clearer than the same image below and this is often how it is – when we view the world from the heart it is a much brighter place and things seem a lot clearer. We gain clarity as we work with our hearts open.

At the very centre of the logo there is a blinding white light and this light is the light as see as I work with healing energies and with the higher universal powers. This light when coupled with love is the energy the universe is made of and it central to my work. The blue I associate with a gentle healing energy and of course with the throat chakra – the centre of communication and expression of our needs wants and teachings. I hope that through the work I do I am communicating clearly to those who come to me, helping them realise a clarity, a healing and a love that goes beyond this plane of existence.

The yellow that picks out and emphasises the shapes is representative of the self love and self value that sharpens our understanding of others and of the spiritual and physical realms we live within. As the yellow colour of self love becomes golden so we achieve our own enlightenment and then are in a position to pass the learning on to all others who ask for it.

The fact that this logo is made form fractal formulas is important to me too as they represent the repeating and eternal patterns of the universe. It is the lasting and never ending support that is available to us at all times even if its shape and colours change as we change our own perspective it is never ending in the smallest expression of itself down to the sub atomic level as well as on the largest macro level that we can imagine whether that be this world consciousness or the consciousness of other planets solar systems and worlds beyond ours. That higher power and force that holds the world together is ever present.