This month we have the 5 wands from the Haindl deck – A month where we are being put to the test. The card is entitled conflict – however this battle is willingly engaged in and is a strengthening process, challenging and also developing. We strive for a goal and to be our best versions of ourselves in challenging, as well as more flowing, situations

It can be likened to the struggle an athlete goes through pushing past barriers, causing muscles to ache and then repair stronger than before enabling better times and performance. This month could see us working very hard on a physical level to increase our strength or skill in a physical pursuit. Train hard for good results, remember to allow recovery days also so as to give yourself a chance to fully repair to a greater strength level.

There is also a sense of increased creativity coming from the struggles we undergo this month. Conflicts with others in our lives are engaged in creatively with no sense of one-up-man-ship, but with a sense of respect for each others position and point of view. From engaging authentically we realise more about a situation, we gain from the exchange and we come to know what we really want and think more fully. If involved in creative activities often solutions are found that are better than originally conceived by allowing this exchange to change everyone involved. It is an energetic and inspiring time. Don’t shy away from conflict this month – but enjoy the stimulation of ideas that it provides. Learn from each person, and return to your center to hear what your inner self gives you from the additional information and understanding. The results of this months activities are likely to lead to great success in the future if approached in this way.

This is a card of fire, the transforming and changing power of fire harnessed for the good of all. If we avoid our own power then we loose the opportunity to create authentically and connect with other intimately. The strengths of our connections are often proportional to our willingness to engage in truth sharing in a compassionate way – compassionate to ourselves and much as to each other, honest to ourselves as much as to each other. Don’t fear the response evoked by stating your truth, it is likely you will receive the truth back and even if this is not what you would like to hear at some level, it is useful and more growth inspiring, and builds a greater sense of trust between people.

So not a month to gloss over difficulties and conflicts, but to engage willingly and openly. Do not fear your power – but use it in the service of love. Be true to yourself whilst honoring the right of others to be true to themselves. This way you gain a great deal on all levels this month as you break through beyond simply listening and learning from a source outside yourself, to trusting your deepest self and being in true collaboration with others in the activities you undertake.


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