This year we are focused on releasing our tendency to worry about things.

Challenges that we come up against we need to decide whether we have the power to do something to affect the situation in that moment, later or not at all. As we recognise we can only act in the moment we can release our worry about what will happen. Do what we can when it is appropriate, and be free to play and create the life we are inspired to at all other times. So though the initial card for the year was 5 disks and looks heavy and brooding, when paired with the prince wands we can see how this works – we are needing to trust in spirit more, trust things will work out as they do and our role is simply to do what we can and leave the rest. It is not giving up on difficult situations, but recognising that worrying about what will happen is not serving us or the situation. We also learn to trust that whatever does unfold in time it will either be better than we expected or we will have the resources to deal with it when it comes. Setting inner world boundaries around worry can really set us free to be who we really are and to flow with life – often this means we will experience life itself as effortlessly flowing round potential obstacles as if they were never an issue. The more we release our worry about the future the more we are free to express who we really are. The more we are ourselves the better we will find our futures – handing challenges easily and fully engaging joyfully when things are going well. 

Our worries give way to courageously following our heart and acting with authenticity and personal power – we are not frightened to be vulnerable, and not trapped in a sense of needing to be ‘more’ before we can move forward. Life picks up speed and we head towards our goals at a faster rate than we felt was possible. We don’t allow the mundane to hold us back from our dreams. Perhaps it is time to make a bold step at work, once you have gathered all the information you can then the step needs to be taken with faith in yourself you can handle whatever comes. Perhaps there is a need to make more space for creativity in your life and it requires changes that could have unknown effects.. allow yourself to follow your heart – where it leads will increase your sense of freedom, playfulness, confidence and a natural innocence springs forth in your being enabling you to feel more love and share more love with all around you. The worry and fear you release allows the heart felt emotions to be expressed more clearly and deeply.

Allow yourself to try out dropping worry whenever it arises. First ask – What can I, or do I need to, do in the present? Then do the things needed, make the decision, or decide another time to make that decision, gather the information. Once a plan is decided and once the actions are taken the worry can be dropped. What happens now it others input or how things will unfold out of your control. Also ask What can I do in the future? make a date to reconsider the question/actions in the future date , then drop the worry, there is no need to carry it till then – it gives you no benefit. It can be scary to drop a habit of a lifetime that seems to feel as if it is protecting us – as worry often does.. however having the courage to do so shows us by example – just how unneeded the worry was. It is unlikely we will be saying ‘I wish I had worried more’

The prince is how things will be for us once we drop our worry – we are free! The free spirit in us lives – we move forward and no longer feel trapped by the worry about what others might think, the worry of how we look, how we are judged if we do something. We are free to play and really be ourselves – often times this in turn frees people to be more accepting of however we are, we are not searching for or unconsciously calling to us judging attitudes to confirm our deepest fears. We simply flow and others do too..

Embrace your courage, do what you are drawn to and release worry about how things turn out – you are enough and can be your authentic and unique self in all you do. Enjoy 2018!


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