Firstly I apologise for the late posting of the card of the month for May and thank you to those who follow this blog so closely – I appreciate hearing from you 😀

This month we have the ace of fire – in other decks this is often the ace of wands, and it foretells of new beginnings of huge potential. Particularly events and activities that are creative in some way. There is intense passion and enthusiasm to be harnessed in the month ahead – we can use this influx of energy to create our dreams. Sometimes it can feel as if there are just too many ideas, however allow your ideas to flow – record them and allow the most prominent ones to keep popping out of the masses. Though eventually you may be able to act on all of them the action for now is to capture those that have validity and act upon only the most prominent ones. Make a start, take the first steps. Recently in one of my mountain walks I was drawn to see the solidity and strength of the mountains in front of me. As the vista expanded I was aware that these hills have been through a lot over many years and there was no rush to create – simply a natural energy flow – sometimes intense sometimes still. As I look at this card for the month ahead I am reminded of the sense that the hills were not rushed into becoming what they are now and this metaphor can be taken for our own lives. Those things that have passion and heart for us in our lives will be created. There is no need to rush – though we can use naturally flowing enthusiasm when it appears to help things move forward.

This month we see all the potentials but would be wise to start with the foundations and not attempt to feel that we have to do everything whilst our energy is high now.. there will be rest times ahead for sure and also renewed enthusiasm if we listen to the natural ebs and flows of our lives.

This card can also indicate babies being born and the beginning of projects that seemingly have a life of their own. Enjoy this bursting forth and harness it – make sure you also rest well and allow your inspiration to be renewed by time for yourself. You may feel drawn to various creative pursuits and if you listen carefully to your muse you will find one enhances another in a very efficient way without planning.

In our personal relationships we may also feel out passion rising – the intensity we love and feel is high this month and mostly will be experienced as pleasurable, passionate and connecting us with others deeply. There is a strong link to spirit with this card and it often refers to the first impulse that is needed for creation from spiritually led sources. Those you feel passionate about have something to offer you that will benefit you enormously, even if the whole pathway is not smooth. Sometimes it is our more changeable relationships that teach up the most and at the deepest levels. So do not deny your heart its pathway to your unfolding inner truth.

A phrase comes to mind – “you’re on fire” the sort of thing we say when someone is performing at peak confidence and is completely absorbed with what they are doing or saying, their whole being appears to be engaged with the subject or activity and there is a strong possibility of peak performance. This month you may find you are on fire about something and are able to mobilise resources in a way you haven’t been able to before. It is like you are channelling pure energy from your deepest self and have ‘got out of your own way’ in activities and projects you want to bring into being.

An exciting, fun and creative month ahead, by June we may find our world looks quite different as we head off in new directions and follow creative inspiration on our unique paths. If you have been feeling stuff – this month things will be shifting. Follow your passions, they are the impulse from your soul to higher experiencing of life.

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