What a good year it looks like we have in store for us here! The sun is a powerful, major arcana card, here from the Mary El deck. It talks about self confidence, personal power and these things giving you the power to fully be yourself in all situations. No longer trapped by inappropriate need to please others, nor by the pain from the past, we feel free to be who we are and love freely and authentically. The sun card from Mary El deck

The sun is our life force the energy that we feel from our soul that moves us into action and inaction, making wise choices and accepting ourselves as perfect as we are. This year is the year for us to walk into this energy and express ourselves fully, whilst remembering all people are perfect as they are, we stay away from arrogance and conciet and walk through our lives with love and compassion.

Often this card shows when there is a unity amongst friends and community for the higher good, and we are able to play our unique and individual role to benefit the whole. There is friendship love and harmony as we work towards a common goal – a message of hope in the time ahead of us in 2017 when there is so much uncertainty for so many of us. The message is to be yourself fearlessly, enjoy life as whatever is before you, and gather with others to help each other over the bumps.

It is the year to discover and express your talents – what you are here to do comes from what you are finding easy and also what you are drawn to do with a passion. This year sees more clarity about know what you have to offer the world and along with this the opportunity to make that offering for the good of all. When each person find their unique role then seemingly huge undertakings roll forward smoothly and at a much quicker pace than you would expect. Do what comes naturally this year, and what you enjoy. The road unfolds as you walk along it, though you may find the way well lit this year and you have a sense of vision about where you are going to a much greater degree than usual. Use the foresight to pace yourself and not burnout too quickly and the exciting energy of the year can leave you a little frazzled at times if you do not allow the sun to set and the moon to rise from time to time through out, sleeping and resting before the next day.

Creativity is also in abundance this year as you find unusual solutions to problems and situations that need to be healed. Trust yourself and follow your impulses in this – the unusual can often bring just the answer needed. Creativity in the traditional sense of art, music, and writing are also well aspected this year and if you are involved with any of these the time is right to allow your skills and work to see the light of day. promote yourself and allow the world to see your visions in whatever form they take – remember artistic creations often are amazing tools to help people understand themselves and others more fully, and to feel a message at a deeper level.

Have a wonderful year!


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