This month I was drawn to use a deck I have recently purchased – the Zen Osho Tarot – this is quite different in its approach to usual tarot, basing its ideas only loosely around the traditional tarot meanings, and taking the concepts further into Zen Buddhist thinking. The structure is mostly the same – though one card is additional, The Master.

The Master Card from Zen Osho Tarot

As it turns out this months card pulled after shuffling was The Master. I have a feeling therefore there was a good reason to be drawn to this deck this month as this card is not in other decks.

So The master card isĀ  all about recognising the master within us, that we are the leader and creator of our own lives when we view them from a high level, from our higher selves perspective. The spiritual part of ourselves leads us forward in life and shows us towards experiences that develop us and point out to us where we need to release our more earth based sense of control more. Sometimes when we think about creating our own reality we think only of the ideas to do with what we have materially, or what we are doing physically. Creating our reality is much more than this, this can be part of it – but if we get caught up in this aspect we can loose sight of the ideas that our reality is how we experience life – not so much about what we have or what job we do – but how we experience the events and situations we find ourselves in. Our quality of experience is the part we have the most control over and the part that we can develop ourselves the most from.

So this card brings this to our awareness, we are our own master, we choose how we respond to situations and when we feel compelled to respond in a particular way we can ask ourselves is the compulsion from our heart of from fear – if the latter then there is something we can face, acknowledge or understand at a deeper level that will lead us to have more choices about to to respond available to us. So we might find ourselves challenged this month to own our own feelings and response and to look within for our highest self and master to guide us forward with integrity. As we master ourselves we become complete.

It can also mean we may have contact with those who have achieved a self-mastery beyond our own and by being in their presence we find ourselves draw towards being better versions of ourselves. We may find we are also doing this for others. It is not a conscious teaching position necessarily, but that inspiration through contact and connection. We may meet someone on a bus and we exchange a few words than part ways, not to see them again, and in that short space of time what they have said or how they have been triggers a sense of clarity and a stepping out of the mental turmoil we were in at the beginning of the conversation. It is often meetings like this that we are shown our next steps – we are taught profoundly and we move forward. Sometimes we unknowingly provide this for others too.

So this month rest knowing everything is as it should be – there is nothing to strive for, that by simply being the best you can be in the moment you are on your path. Learn from those who cross your path but do not cling. Allow yourself to step out of the earthly striving and seek your highest perspective in all things. As you do so you cultivate the conscious connection with your Self as your master.



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