This months card reading comes from the Radiant rider Waite deck and is the Fool. The Fool starts the deck off and is seen as the character travelling through the whole major arcana, so it is associated with beginnings and also the start of a grand journey, possibly an outer journey but certainly an inner one.


So this month sees us as beginning something new with enthusiasm and joy – we might have just made a breakthrough in some way and so now see a whole new exciting pathway before us and are ready to take that leap of faith and commit to it whatever it may bring. We usually have to involve faith at this stage as the future really is quite unclear and its the journey that is the key here, so we have high hopes, good intentions and a pack of our own skills and experiences developed so far in life, that we put over our shoulder and take with us into the new.

Moving house to another area can come into this field or starting a whole new career, a new relationship with someone completely unlike anyone you have known before are all beginnings that imply this unknown but exciting future. It can also relate to having just understood that what you have been doing isn’t working and shifting in your internal world to such an extent that now things look very different, even if the outside is actually the same. This change then prompts you to make different choices within the same situations. Some of these may feel scary to do but will bring renewal and completely different responses from the world nevertheless. Finally setting boundaries with someone you have allowed to take advantage of you perhaps and so in reclaiming your power suddenly a lot of new options open up in your life.

This month is one to approach all things with an attitude of playfulness and innocence, there is no need to be assessing of judging yourself for the situations you are in or are around you, merely respond to them with a sense of fun and what is most joyful. This way you gain the best out of every opportunity, there may be some very surprising and positive results from this and you may find your heart opens up to more and more of humanity and of yourself.

Trust in the higher power, or your higher self, however you conceive of that energy and life force that is unseen and all encompassing. This trust and faith guides you well in the month ahead and helps you make all the decisions you need to easily and freely. We are no longer attached to others opinions of the choices we make it is irrelevant in that it is our own life we are living and only we can make the choices that affect us. We may choose to take someone close into account as we make our decision but no-one makes the decision for us – we may find later we would have had a different result with a different decision, however the learning of this is so important we would not have wanted to skip the lesson. So every choice we make is ours alone and also is the right one for that time. Allow yourself to move through the month with this approach and enjoy every moment and opportunity to the full. You have a new start, use it to create more joy and happiness in your life which you can then inspire in others by simply being who you are.

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