I must sincerely congratulate Emma as her gift
is rare and she hones it well .. her clarity is impeccable
she gently guided me into the realm of ‘ dismissed’ emotions .. I needed to confront that .. she assisted me into making the transition from denial of my emotional needs to acceptance of them in such a smooth way .. remarkable and I never told her anything about myself . she helped me immensely by bringing quite a few but very relevant issues to my attention .. personal issues that I had dismissed were there for me to ‘ see ‘ through her reading which was a recording , a distant reading , I am so delighted to find that there are still a few true noble ‘ seers ‘ and I am very blessed in having found one of them in Emma .. I am grateful as since her reading I have been able to gain more insights concerning my needs as a woman but also have been made aware that I can now heal what has been preventing me from true living .. I was in a limbo .. she gently woke me up .. blessing to her always