This month’s card is Strength from the Xultan deck. This deck departs from the traditional style images of strength of a woman and a lion or beast tamed. Here we see a cactus in full bloom – none the less the energy of the card is very similar. We see a natural energy restricted, a cactus growing in a pot, yet despite this restriction it is in bloom and thrives. In many shamanic traditions plants are used as teachers and help us learn to understand our deeper selves and to be able to contain our darker sides without repressing them, yet making them work for our, and others overall good.

From Xultan Deck
From Xultan Deck

So this month we see themes of experiencing and developing our inner strength. This comes about through knowing our shadow selves and accepting these more undesirable sides of ourselves, as we do so so the gold they also contain is released for our use. As an example, anger and rage are often parts we would rather not have or experience within ourselves, however if we avoid feeling angry and spend too much times saying “its ok, no I am not bothered by x, y or z” then we weaken our sense of who we are and unconsciously our anger builds up inside. Often this can lead to unconscious manifestation such as accidents, or slip ups where we betray or let someone down even though we have been doing our best to be understanding and good. Conversely if we allow our own recognition of our anger, with acceptance and compassion towards ourselves also this leads us to be more assertive in situations which require our boundaries, and to not allow the build up of anger unconsciously and so we feel more in control of ourselves and in charge of our lives. We are able to say no to what is not for our highest good and we have the strength to speak our truth even in the face of opposition. Often voicing other peoples concerns which have yet to be expressed. We work more effectively for the good of the whole.

So this month be aware of all your feelings – even those you would rather not experience. Ask yourself what is the grain of truth this feeling is leading me to, even if the feeling feels out of proportion to the event. Acknowledge and accept you have a right to feel how you feel and once you allow yourself to know how you feel you can then have the strength not to allow your feelings to control you, but to inform you, you find the golden ability to truly respond to situations you are in with full authenticity.

This month sees a time for this inner strength to be more and more conscious within your life – it is less likely that you will be holding back unnecessarily, but more that you will be able to be more compassionate with yourself and others, and more able to act from your center without feeling guilty or apologetic for your responses.

Another way to consider this energy this month is the idea of allowing yourself full access to all your desires and wishes and then ensuring you both express yourself in these areas but don’t allow any one area to take over from the other. Its not a time to become obsessive about one pursuit but a time to enjoy the many aspects of expression of yourself, in balance with each other.


As we see on the card there are many aspects of your life that can bloom at this time, and you can be of service to others by allowing yourself to be more fully who you are. Stay aware and stay in balance and the restrictions you place upon yourself and those you find around you will also serve you in a positive way.

This month thus is also a time for great enjoyment and fulfillment as you don’t struggle with things you can’t change, but through acceptance, find a deeper more satisfying way of life.

The card is strong coloured yellow and this is a colour of the solar plexus, the area of personal power, a strong sense of self and an independence from others control. As you focus on what your spirit truly wants so you can be of greater service in the world – your developing self-confidence allows for you to truly play the part you are made for. This month sees increasing self confidence and self esteem after the challenges and trials last month removing old patterns of thought and behaviour.


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