Light Children

This SEEDS OF LIGHT guided meditation is contains 2 visualisations and has been given for work with children from 5 upwards, it can be used to bring more harmony to families, it is fun, safe and children really love it. Also it is excellent for helping you to get in touch with your inner child in a fun playful loving way.

In the first you are guided into a beautiful garden where you meet the golden lady who is your loving guide and protector on your journey, a wonderful fun journey for children allowing them to connect with their true selves, very good for any children who have an interest in their spirituality. Also excellent to help adults reconnect with their own child within and experience healing or past hurts in a gentle loving way.

in the second journey, you are guided into the same childlike space and then allowed to follow your own intuitive journey for a while before being led back down into waking reality. This helps develop your intuitive vision further whilst still being held in time by the guiding voice.

Both Journeys are around 25-30 mins long. A download link will be sent to you.


“The Light Children tape touched within me, the inner child that I needed to work with, and it helped me greatly. I also found it helped with the discipline of concentrating the mind in one area.”
K. Endicott Lincs