This month I have again picked a card intending its message will have something in for everyone who reads this, I see many of you like this approach and find some useful insight from the card.

This month’s card comes from the Xultan Tarot, a deck based on Mayan imagery and design, full of bright colours and clear graphics.

The card is the Hanged Man. This card shows a man suspended by his feet from 3 poles, one of them on the right hand side is clearly an alive branch of a tree with flowers on, the other side is a dead stick with the man suspended between them.

The Hanged Man

I see this to be saying there is a process occuring where there are old patterns that are no longer relevent in your life – yet there is a clinging to them, and also there are new ways you have developed of handling things which you also are attached to. However the overall feeling is of staticness, a feeling of not being able to move forward, not quite ready to let go of the old as it supports you in some way still, and though you know there is more for you out there, new opportunities are around you and you have made a start to your new life, this is itself is only part of the picture and not fully supporting you yet either.


You may experience this tension between the old and the new in your work life – perhaps changing career and finding you can’t leave your old job yet, even though you have begun a new training course, or a new position has been offered to you. YOu may experience it in your personal life as you see yourself still fall into the same patterns, and you are aware of them, more so than ever before, however to finally break the pattern eludes you. It could be you are in the process of leaving a relationship but are finding it hard to cut the final tie even though you know it is the right thing to do in the long term.

The hanged man advises though, that you do not try and make sweeping changes right now – that you accept the dichotomy or ambivalence and allow yourself to ‘sit with it’ for the time being as you surrender to the way things are so you find a new solution grows of its own accord and you can shift your center of support when the circumstances change around you. Allow the old to die further and the new to grow some more.

Sometimes it is in the acceptance of the past and the old that we are able to let go of it – but allowing it to be part of our current reality so it loses its hold over us emotionally.

On the card the hanged man achieves enlightenment through his surrender to his position and he learns to see his situation from a completely different perspective by merely observing things in a different way.

You might consider the following questions to help you explore this card for you further.

What is it that you are needing to ‘sit with’ to allow the new perspective to develop from?

Can you identify the new support in your life? and the old? Do they make a whole when held together in the way death and life become a spiritual whole when considered together?

Where are you resisting what is?

You might want to consider the affirmation “As I surrender to what is in my life so I become whole and allow my soul path to unfold before me

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