I am now offering occasional group booking slots in the North Wales area.

I am not offering readings that are simply for curiosity or fun though – my readings will be about your self development or on very specific practical questions you have prepared before hand. It is not a psychic taster type of session, but a chance to have your worries and concerns in life briefly explored, gaining guidance on how to proceed from the current moment.

For group bookings I offer Quick Look readings for each person, for up to half an hour of time, recorded to MP3 to be sent out at a later time. £25 per reading. Minimum of 4 people.

Usually I do hour long readings so to make the most of half hour it is good to get a bit more specific so it is a good idea to be upfront about the question and area of life you wish to explore from the start. Also if you have options you are needing to choose from we can work with them specifically, looking at the outcomes of each choice and also what the highest/best or most useful approach is at the time. Yes/no questions are ok – but open questions can yield more. I find preparation like this helps people get more from short readings.

I will need a private place to read for people without the others being able to hear so that each person has confidentiality and the energy is clear for them too.

For full readings you will need to come to me or to book a telephone or distance reading.

Contact me for details and to arrange an appointment. Please be aware there is often a period of time to wait as I generally have very few appointments of this type available.

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