Looking for that unusual present for a friend or relative? How about buying them a gift tarot reading for them to use whenever they need to during the following year? They can benefit from guidance and direction given from the tarot. Each certificate is valid for a year from purchase date and is coded enabling easy redemption via email and telephone.

Email Gift Certificates

These can be scheduled for a date in particular (or close to) or sent out on the day of purchase. For that instant present where ever your friend lives. Sent with a suitable image and any requested message.

Winter Gift Certificate

Gift certificates, redeemable within a year from purchase date, available at £50 (UK daytime or distance reading – gift certificate sent by email)

Please click on button below to pay by credit card through PayPal and email me with the following details:

  • Whether you require the card and gift certificate to be sent by post or email.
  • The address or email you would like the card to be sent to.
  • The message you would like included on the card.
  • The date you would like the voucher to be valid from. (I will make it the date of purchase unless otherwise stated.)

For daytime reading or distance reading gift voucher.


Gift certificates