This month’s card is the Aeon. This card is referring to stepping out of how we judge ourselves unfairly and into a more balanced and complete sense of personal responsibility. We need not be harsh on ourselves. We can accept we act and behave as we do and at the same time assess fairly whether any particular response was the ideal at the time, or whether we could change what we would do in the future to be truer to ourselves and fairer to both ourselves and others. This assessment is more akin to discernment than to judgement. Many decks call this card Judgement, however Crowley saw this card as speaking of a time when we didn’t solely refer to rules and regulations for moral guidance nor did we return to an earlier more instinctual time. Actually we would be coming into the new age – the age of Horus where we now had access to both intuition and rules and could trust ourselves more fully. We can now make our own decisions and be responsible for them. We don’t need to be subservient to another, nor react from unawareness, but can rely on our own connection to our true selves to guide us forward.

So what does this mean for August.. This means that we are starting to see a time where the truth comes into our consciousness easily and we can listen to our inner voice more clearly than usual. Perhaps we have done a lot of work on ourselves through difficult times in the recent past, and we now are reaping the rewards of that work and able to be more self confident and trusting of our gut feelings, knowing there is less projection and ‘stuff’ covering or concealing our motives for a course of action.

On the card we see both our inner authority represented as well as our contact with our inner child and our deeper needs. We are protected by the sky goddess Nuit as we have worked enough on ourselves we are no longer attracting difficult patterns to work through, we are more authentically in the here and now.

So for this month, trust yourself – listen to both your intuition and logical sides, it is likely they will be harmonious or any conflict is easy to resolve. You will also likely find yourself free to be creative and have a number of ideas coming forward that you can start to nurture into becoming a reality. Passion runs high and is constructive rather than destructive. Allow yourself to be vulnerable like a child as things are safe for you in life right now, as you allow your vulnerability to be seen, so others can understand you more fully. Having an innocent and open state of mind as you approach others also helps interactions flow smoothly; you are less likely to trigger other people’s projections.

It promises to be a good month, with a feeling of being whole and truly yourself, with creativity and energy running high. Enjoy and share your feeling of stability with those around you.

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