The card for this month is Ace Swords from the beautiful Mary El deck. It depicts an Eagle, symbolic of the connection of earth to heaven. We have in the ace of swords the potential to know the truth of things – to see clearly whatever is in front of us.

It is also connection with ideas and thoughts so, as an ace is about the potential of the whole suit, we have here the source of many ideas and thoughts – some of which we may wish to follow and become active in our lives others are best discarded as not of use on our chosen path.

So this month of September allow your thoughts to be inspired. Heard what thoughts you are having and make conscious decisions to allow only those thoughts that serve you have a place in your mind for any period of time. Thoughts that tell us we are lacking or no good can be discarded for more encouraging thoughts of being good enough and ways of continually growing towards our dreams.

Generally this month clarity is likely to prevail and our sense of being connected to the truth is also strong. We may not yet have taken flight into the full expression of our ideas, but we are able to define and plan actions towards their realisation.

Any activities involving logical processing and mental development, such as technical learning of a topic are highlighted and likely to go well. An appropriate cards for the month of September when many Schools, colleges and private courses often start.

So consider what is your truth in any situation you are in, get clear about your goals and plans. Allow the confusion of the previous months to go and have the courage to see what remains as you let go of the old. You are likely to find what has been lost is just making room for stronger growth in the direction of your intentions. Like a Rose that has been pruned there is more energy to put to growing even stronger in the next season.

Prize draw

Congratulations to this month’s Free Prize Draw winner NICHOLAS. You have won a free quick look reading – I have sent you details of how to claim by email.

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