This month I introduce a new deck – The Tarot Illuminati, by Kim Huggins and Erik Dunne. I have been using this deck as an app for a while now and really like it so I recently purchased the actual deck and am using it here for this months Card of the Month reading.

By Kim Huggins and Erik Dunne - published by Lo Scarabeo
By Kim Huggins and Erik Dunne – published by Lo Scarabeo

Appropriately enough for using a new deck we have a card representing beginnings for November, the Ace of Wands. This card represents inspiration and creativity in all forms and the start of something new that we have great passion and enthusiasm for. So in November we are likely to be introduced to new ideas, to have some great inspiration and feel a lot more energised than we have done for a while. The personal power we gained through October now sets us up in a centered place to allow our inspiration to flow forth from our deepest selves. Pay attention to your ideas and possible projects, write them down and record them as you will have more than you can act on at this time – but keeping a record will help you have a resource to turn to at a later date to inspire you when you feel less connected with your depths.

As we can see from the image our dreams are built amongst the mountains of aspirations, and the city we  see pictured here has a regal and spiritual feel to it, in the same way your ideas this month spring from a spiritual source which will help you express your deepest self and access your true nature. They will help you be who you really are Рgiving you a platform for expression. Choose to start to work on the ideas that you have the most passion for to follow your truth the most accurately.

It is a month for asking yourself, ‘what do I have the energy for right now?’ and following that energy, you may not feel like doing what you planned, and as you ask yourself what you do feel like doing and follow up on that you will find things flow much more smoothly and you will see much more clearly what needs to grow in your life and what needs to diminish to give you a life that is both balanced and an expression of your true self.

Creative pursuits are highlighted this month too as they will help this process. The seeds of new creations are planted and though they may not come to fruition this month, the roots will be put down and they can then be allowed to grow organically through regular nurturing in the months ahead before they are ready to flower. This nurturing will need to be little and often so pace yourself rather than thinking that the high energy you experience this month will continue indefinitely. This month’s enthusiasm is to help your ideas germinate and take root, and will then reduce a little in the future to give space for other aspects of your life to be dealt with. If you think of your dreams like the growing of plants, there is a bit input of energy at the start as we prepare the ground, plant the seeds and take care of the initial seedlings, then we can simply water each day and weed, taking a little of our time and be patient, until the next high energy phase of harvest. Trust your energy levels right now without clinging to them as necessary in the long term.

Use your will to make the thing happen you know are needed in your life right now. Taking action brings positive results. Allow your vision to guide you and disregard those who would tell you you have pipe dreams – your aspiration may be impossible from their perspective, but if you heart is telling you this is the way to go then it indicates that these ideas are very possible to come to fruition in your world, given your will, energy and patience.

In relationship terms you may find November brings new friendships and relationships that are really in line with your own energies, people you have a lot in common with and who share passions in your life. There is a gathering of forces to create something more that the sum of the parts. Perhaps a romantic relationship finally takes off or you meet someone out of the blue who matches the sort of person you were looking for. It maybe you have been searching for someone to share a creative pursuit with and now you find yourself meeting people who could fill this role in your life and you in theirs. Allow yourself to take up those invitations courageously and see where they lead. It may be helpful to create a list of what you are looking for to help you know when you find it. The clues will be evident in the first meetings.

A month with high excitement and energy, you have the inspiration to recreate your life again. Enjoy!





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