Card for May

This month I have picked a card intending its message will have something in for everyone who reads this – I have explored the meaning of the card and done a quick journey within it to gather more information for your interest.

This month I have taken a card from the Xultan Tarot deck – a deck based on the Maya culture and artwork. It is an in depth deck though and has a very good Jungian companion book for the majors called The Mayan Book of Life by David Owen.

This months card is 5 cups. The card itself is brightly coloured as the whole deck is. The top part of the card is green and the bottom turquoise. I see two images of sadness immediately the character at the top is walking forward looking downwards arms crossed and sad down turned mouth. I see he covers his heart chakra with his arms and his eyes are closed.


I feel the message from this card is one of being sad about how someone has let you down in some way. Whilst allowing these feelings to arise and be felt, you may have closed your heart , and are finding it hard to make emotional contact with others – you might percieve this as others not being as friendly to you as usual, or as a feeling that you want space away from the world.

On the card the man has his eyes closed too so there is a sense of not being able to see where he is going, as well as the idea that you are likely to be focused inwardly at this time. Focused on how you are, whether you are ok in the eyes of the world, as well as feeling the sadness you feel at the loss or disappointment someone has shown towards you.

I ask him whether he has a message for us here. “I am down I am pacing, I can’t find a way out of this feeling, what can I do? what can I do now? no one can help me. ” I ask again what his message is for the world. ” I need to look down there, he points to his feet, and see what I really feel but I don’t want to – its painful and I don’t know what I will find. I know I will soon though – I have to, I can not pace out here forever – it is too hard. When the time is right I will descend into my depths and feel the sadness and then I will be able to open my eyes again, and see the world anew.” Thank you I say.

The other image on the card I am drawn to is below the man’s feet and shows a face with someone with their eyes closed and a tear dropping from their eye. I see a hand there too and have the phrase ‘gripped with emotion’ come to me. I have a sense that the emotions have you in their grasp at this time and it seems hard to release yourself from this low feeling. This is the sadness the man knows he needs to face.Perhaps there is some sadness you know you need to face when the time is right.

As we move further down the card there are 5 cups – 3 have been upturned and spilt their contents on the floor the other 2 are neatly upright and still full. We see here that there is a need to feel the deeper sorrow and to shed tears around what has be lost. It might be the loss of a partner, friendship, or someone has let you down in some way, or th loss of a dream or expectation for the future. Whatever it is you are needing to listen to the feelings and shed those held back, underground, tears. As you do so you can start to realise that all is not lost and though there may be some realistic loss experienced in the past the present situation also contains much that has not been lost and this is now to be your focus.

I am drawn to the astrology on the card – neptune in scorpio and I see from this that the situation you are concerned about may not even be one of loss as yet and it may be an illiusion. A situation where your fear of loss is overshadowing the truth of the situation and that it is the deep past that holds the key to this – your current situation being clarified when you cry ther tears you need to for the past relationships where you experienced loss, the friends who let you down, the dreams that did not come to fruition. As you face your past losses so you open your heart and eyes for new opportunities, loves and friendships, new dreams and hopes. Your energy is released from the old and you have greater energy and enthusiasm to create the present and future you desire.

In summary this card talks of present and past sadnesses and it being the time to address them. They have held your heart shut to future connection with others and expansion in your life. As you allow yourself to fully feel your emotions so you become clear in the present and current situations change, seemingly miraculously, you attract new people and opportunities into your life and find yourself surrounded by love. Your eyes open and your heart is revealed and you are free.

You will know where you are in this process, allow yourself the time to move from your current position to your next step until finally taking the step of courage to open your eyes and release your arms to embrace the new with an open, trusting heart no longer tainted by the pain of the past.

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