This month we have the 4 pentacles from the Llewellyn deck. This is a welsh mythological based deck beautifully painted in watercolour.

This card tells us that June will bring us themes of practical stability. We will have the opportunity to look at how we deal with our money – whether we hoard or save for things – and also how we deal with boundaries and personal power in our life. Often the two are related.


So protect your inner space this month – allow yourself to be self sufficient and once you have what you need then you will be more stable and able to offer any excess money or energy to others. There could be a tendancy to hold on too much – but with awareness this can shift easily into simply being good with boundaries for yourself.

So in your personal relationship allow yourself to keep your own power – you can listen to others thoughts and advice but ultimately go inwards and listen to your own responses to them to make your decision. As we stand in our own power it places us in the position we need to be both for our own highest pathway through life as well as placing us in a position which will benefit others. When we are completely true to ourselves it helps us also be available to give the world what we are here to offer, even if we are not immediately aware of our effect on those around us and on the systems we are part of. So do not feel it is selfish to do what you want to and to say no to people where necessary to follow your own pathway. As you do this you are indeed able to offer more to the world.

This month is about being very grounded in what we are doing too – we have a good structure of learning behind us and also a good feeling of emotional stability. If you do feel emotionally wobbly at all this month then the solution will be to withdraw – for a time at least – to really tune into your own feelings and discover what they are trying to bring to your attention. It may be a historic situation that needs releasing or a sign of something in the present that needs addressing. Or simply that you have not been really there for yourself enough and need to recoop your energy. Trust yourself though as you will show yourself what is needed once you let go of the need to please others by your decisions.

On the practical side this month also sees a time of building things physically – could be a business or a house, an extension or some structure in your routines in life. Any focus on laying down good foundations and building on them will go well this month. You will have the practical resources to get projects going too, just don’t allow others to influence your decisions too much – listen and then discern what is right for you. Often our anxieties come from giving another the power to define how good or bad we are at something, or how well something will go – take your power back from these situation and find your inner stability. This strength will carry you forward to where you ultimately want to be and give you a foundation for your dreams to manifest.

So trust yourself this month and ask yourself for your own advice often this month – what you build through this time will have lasting effects in a good way in the future.

Prize draw

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