This month’s card of the month is 3 cups from the illuminati deck. This is a wonderful card which talks of friendship, celebration and joy shared with others. This month sees a time to appreciate close friends, and family you really connect with. Make some time this month to re-connect with people who are important to you but perhaps you haven’t spoken with for a while. Allow your focus to be more weighted to celebration, joy and fun than maybe it usually is. This will help rejuvenate your spirit and bring more abundance to your door in all forms. It is a month to recognise that all success comes from not only our own efforts but also those who support us along the way – whether in a practical way or an emotionally supportive way. We achieve much more when we link up with others.

So this month is a month of success also. Notice who has supported you in the past and how, recognise them in your achievements, and look to how you can support others around you at this time through offering your friendship, understanding and in some cases practical solutions.

Love and abundance are energies that are more readily available to tap into this month – so even if things are difficult for you right now by turning your attention to these qualities and considering how you can tap into the universal source with them in mind will help you turn around any difficult situation you may be experiencing. Allow yourself to recieve as much as to give and see people as peers rather than hierarchically this will help you recognise your inner and outer qualities in any situation whilst also appreciating what others are offering.

As in friendship, when we take people as they are with what they are able to offer, rather than trying to make them offer what we way, we find ourselves in more of a flow and each person can thrive, playing their unique role in any community or situation. It also allows you to step back from your personally imposed struggles which are going against your deeper self, and so brings you into greater self acceptance. You have so much to offer simply being who you are with your present position on your joourney of life – as you recognise this more and mote this month so your sense of fulfilment and satisfaction increased and you are able to share love more openly with all those around you.

Enjoy the month and Have fun in all you do! Celebrate your successes!


Prize draw

Congratulations to this month’s Free Prize Draw winner CELIA. You have won a free distance reading – I have sent you details of how to claim by email.

If you want to sign up for this prize draw use the form in the top blog post to do so or the form on my facebook page. I pick one person each month to receive a reading. I will occasionally send an email to the list updating you of my services etc..

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