This month we have 3 cups from Darkana deck.

This is a lovely grunge based modern deck.  This month’s theme is around friendship and how we connect with people socially. Friendship builds over time and often through shared experience. On the card we have pictured 3 people, being ill after a celebration that has been over done – there is a dual meaning here – both, that our friends, real friends, see us in the worst states often and they experience our shadows. Friendship is often built through the challenges as much as the shared fun; and also it means the warning of not taking too much for granted – overdoing the intensity in a friendship so as to break it. Though we may know our friends well – treating them with respect – remembering they too may be changing, developing and travelling in life; we don’t assume we know everything. Allowing the space for change enables us to keep our friendships vital, alive and allows both sides the sense of freedom to change, develop and move out of old patterns or ways of being.

So this month is likely to bring social engagements, and events. Old friends may appear  you haven’t seen for a while and new friendship appear out of no where of from unexpected places. Don’t try too hard though, friendship unfolds rather than is ‘made’ by active force. Though we need to be open to the possibility and sometimes say yes to invitations we are perhaps a little nervous of, beyond that, the friendship grows through doing what feels good and positive for yourself. This way we form connections with people of like minds rather than betraying ourselves for the sake of a friendship possibility, out of neediness or obligation. So in your connections this month stay aware of your authenticity and follow your heart. Recognise that true friendship will take its own course and can not be made in a structure of logical rules – but needs the heart to be heard. Enjoy your connections with others and understand that we also have friends in different contexts, don’t try and make all friendships work in all contexts but respect the connecting point; the differences as much as the similarities.

So enjoy this month – connect from the heart – don’t over do things or make assumptions. Stay free to be yourself, your friends will still love you, and allow your friends to be themselves. Know that your truth has a place in friendship and that you don’t have to be the same to be liked this will help you connections not get too sickly or stagnant but stay alive, spontaneous and fun!

Prize draw

Congratulations to this month’s Free Prize Draw winner BARBARA. You have won a free quick look reading – I have sent you details of how to claim by email.

If you want to sign up for this prize draw use the form in the top blog post to do so or the form on my facebook page. I pick one person each month to receive a reading. I will occasionally send an email to the list updating you of my services etc..

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