This month I have chosen the Haindl deck to provide us with our monthly card reading. The Haindl deck is a powerful deck based on the Thoth deck with many multi-cultural references.

This month we have 2 swords Peace. This card is often referring to the balance and feeling of relief we have after a struggle. Often this struggle is one of the mind – where we have been deliberating what to do, or how to be. This month we are likely to find that those things we have been worrying about are cleared up and we are left with the feeling we simply need to trust everything is now ok. Very often when we have been grappling with something for a long time we are not altogether sure it is over and so have a tendency to replay things and continue to act as if there is an issue. So allow yourself to step into a peaceful place during May – Know it is safe to trust things have improved and your old patterns are no longer playing out. If you still have a tendency to project your old expectations into situations around you then take a step back, meditate and re-center yourself. It is a good opportunity to step out of those habitual reactions and actually once we take a little time and space to go within we can quite quickly clear the issues up in ourselves and then re-engage with the world with a new, more appropriate viewpoint.

2 Swords

It is like there is a single way for us to go and we can allow ourselves to surrender to it or fight it – but actually the pathway ahead is clear and obstacle free – so going with it we are able to experience more peace than we expect.

We might be asked to protect the peace we find also but taking steps to ensure we nurture ourselves fully and don’t allow other’s dramas to take us off our center.

There is a creativity that comes out of acceptance of what is and of ourselves as we are, so you may find this month when you take the space you need and protect your inner state of mind then you are more creative than usual, both in the traditional sense of making art and music but also in the more daily sense of finding creative solutions to any issues and problems that do arise.

So enjoy this month – take the time you need – communicate with nature to find your inner peace and let peace be your goal – as we do this we will create peace around us and influence others to find their peace too. Meditation, retreats, walking in nature and gardening will all help this process as will creative pursuits done from the heart.

Have a wonderful May!

Prize draw

Congratulations to this month’s Free Prize Draw winner CARIE. You have won a free distance reading – I have sent you details of how to claim by email.

If you want to sign up for this prize draw use the form in the top blog post to do so or the form on my facebook page. I pick one person each month to receive a reading. I will occasionally send an email to the list updating you of my services etc..

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