This months reading for you all is from the Sacred Circle deck – a deck based on Celtic paganism with very much natural world images within each card. I particularly love the mountainous and wild energy behind so many of the images.

The card for the month ahead is 10 of Disks. Another 10 card, as last months was; this month we are shown a more practical conclusion than last months emotionally happy manifestation in life. On the card is pictured a steep sided valley and a hidden castle, or keep, high up on one of the cliffs. In the foreground is a strong structure of disks in a triangular shape.

10 Disks from the Sacred Circle deck by Anna Franklin

I feel the message here is that there has been much structure created in your life over the years and that hard work and effort has been put in to bring you to where you are now. There is also a sense that this building of strength and solidity started even prior to your current incarnation; there is a ancestorial link here to the traditions and ways of the past. As the rocks and water in the valley have structured the landscape here and the solidity of the structure of the disks makes it stable and lasting, so your life has become stable through the efforts of the past building upon each other. This month is a good time to reflect over the supports in your life – what you have gained in the present from your own and others efforts and experiences of the past.

This month’s energy is about relying on what has been built up in the past – by you and also by others who came before you. You can create what you need to be materially secure and comfortable by continuing on the pathway you have been on, dedicatingyourself to the work you do to even a greater degree. Allowing yourself to not ‘re-invent the wheel’ but to further develop previous ideas and methods of working – learning from what has already been achieved and taking it on further.

It is time to be rewarded for the practical efforts you have made in life, whether that is within a family environment – the ways you have nurtured, cared for and built up the family around you, or whether it is in the professional arena, the message is the time – it is time to enjoy the rewards of a job well done. So money is likely to be coming to you, and also the feeling of accomplishment in practical tasks that were started some time ago.

You may consider gathering with your family or team for a meal out or a traditional celebration of some sort to mark the time of success. You may decide to reinvest in yourself, in your projects and families so they can prosper further.

All action taken in line with what has come before will be successful, it is not time for a sudden change in direction – though this may come in the more distant future, right now it is time to benefit from the pathway you dedicated yourself to some time ago.

The birds in the sky speak of needing to take a view of the bigger picture at this time and be aware of all the many, many people who have contributed in some way to your success. As you recognise that even solo projects have needed the help, support and positive good will from others so you can share your success and make it all the richer.

Even recognising the team that brought us a the loaf of bread we eat can show us just how many people we have benefitted from. The bread needed farmers to grow the wheat, people to mill it, people to transport it, chefs to make it into bread, to then be packaged and transported again. Also the people to make the machinery involved, the cleaners to clean the environments worked in. Suddenly our bread seems more valuable and connects us to each other. It is a good exercise to find the item you most take for granted in your life – for example running water – and see consider what goes into this being so, the people and structures in place to bring this ease to you.

The keep or castle on the hillside tells me you have a place, to have a good eye on what is coming towards you and you are ready to cope with any challenges to your position that may come in the future. I feel you are likely to be depending on your immediate community, or family and that their support is willingly given. I also see security in this image – you are secure and safe, this month is a time to recognise the security you have on all levels.

There is a good feeling of growth and lushness to the environment and this is likely to be your experience, even if money seems scarce at this time, your true wealth is abundant and there are many things and experiences you have that support your continued and increasing success, practically and emotionally.

This card indicates it is a time to be aware of how much you have to be grateful for and it is a good time to start a gratitude diary, where you write each day of the things you are grateful for, simple things, as well as complex. A smile from a neighbour, the ease of recieving a pint of milk, the joy of seeing blue sky, or red sky. Etc. There is more we can be grateful for than we might at first think. Practising gratitude helps us manifest more and more of what we love in our lives.

This card is a powerful manifestation card so being conscious of what you want to achieve will also enable you to make the most of this current energy. Being aware of how much you have already adds to this process. This is a good time to enjoy the abundance around you.

So a wonderful card for this month – of appreciation and strength, connection with others and the working together of a family or team of people to bring forward great things. Abundance and celebration! Enjoy!

I welcome any comments you may have on this card for you.. you can email me or respond on the blog post (where you ca also view the card image)

I send you blessings for the month ahead.


  1. delora

    I was interested in the card this month. I have returned from visiting family and friends in the US. My mother is very elderly, and lives on pills and determination. We both knew that this might be the last time I see her. She took the opportunity to remind me of our Native American heritage. She had tried many avenues to find our connection. On this trip I gained a far greater understanding of the life of our ancestors after Europeans came. The total destruction of a highly civilized culture is difficult to express. But I feel more connected now than I had. Your interpretation of the card rang very true. Thank you.


    • Thank you for your thoughts Delora – I am glad this months card resonated so well for you here and that you have been able to reconnect with your ancestral links more strongly, despite the horrors of history which sometimes is hard to face.


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