This months reading for you all is from the Llewellyn deck – a deck based on Welsh mythology and scenery, beautifully painted in watercolour.

The card for the month ahead is 10 of cups. Pictured on this card is a rainbow in the distance over a cottage nestled in a valley in Wales. It is a very familiar scene here at the moment. There is a rocky flowing river and a wooden bridge crossing it, children play at the riverside and a couple embrace in the foreground.

10 of Cups from the Llewellyn Deck
10 of Cups from the Llewellyn Deck

The strongest message coming through this card is one of peace and respite after a time of struggle. The rainbow symbolises the storms are past and though there is still rain and moisture in the air, it serves to show us the sun is on its way burning off the clouds of the past. Our self confidence is increasing and the tears are passing. It is time to enjoy our families and friends and celebrate the abundance we have in life. We may be focused on the simple things such as health and a roof over our head – or we may be appreciating the love we have from friends and neighbours around us. It is a glass half full situation, where there is hope for a positive full glass future ahead.

The river of abundance is flowing again, as we see the river on the card swollen from the rains – it carries away with it the debris of the old and marks out a new and wider pathway for abundance to come to us in the future. There is no obstruction or trap with this abundance either; we are allowed to be free – free to cross the river back and forth with no danger – free to flow with our own emotional energy – free to follow our heart in our life. We are able to create the income we need without feeling so beholden to our employer or clients that we neglect our own needs, those needs for solitude, peace and rejuvenation, needs for social contact and exercise, needs for being free to play as much as to be in service to others. Balance is with us at last after a long emotional journey.

The cups are balanced securely at the rivers edge and there is security emphasised in this picture. Love is coming to us with our partner and from friends; connections with others go smoothly and productively. We can trust ourselves in all our dealings. Our self love is increasing all the time and being enhanced as those around  us see our increased self value and treat us better than we might expect. We are able to receive as well as we are able to give.

It really is a positive time in our lives we need only to be aware of all the positive energy around us to enjoy the fulfilment this card promises. I see the rainbow ending at the house – and there is a suggestion to me that our house contains all the prosperity we need, we have stocked up for winter and we can find gold in our homes. I have the image of a cleansing, de-cluttering process taking place this month were we remove all that no longer gives us joy and so make space for ourselves to grow into. Old energies are released easily at this time. The material world starts to reflect the inner cleansing we have been doing over the past few months. The world around us mirrors our hard work on ourselves. Do not fear the positive, but enjoy it in gratitude. It is a good time to start a gratitude diary and so enhance the positive energy of this time.

Enjoy this month it certainly looks to be a positive one!

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  1. ali

    beautiful and inspiring words- a joy to read! thank you!x


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